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Each college day we publish a brand new Student Opinion query, and college students use these writing prompts to replicate on their experiences and identities and reply to present occasions unfolding round them. To introduce every query, we offer an excerpt from a associated New York Times article or Opinion piece in addition to a free hyperlink to the unique article.

During the 2020-21 college 12 months, we requested 177 questions, and yow will discover all of them beneath or right here as a PDF. The questions are divided into two classes — people who present alternatives for debate and persuasive writing, and people who lend themselves to inventive, private or reflective writing.

Teachers can use these prompts to assist college students observe narrative and persuasive writing, begin classroom debates and even spark dialog between college students around the globe through our feedback part. For extra concepts on how to use our Student Opinion questions, we provide a brief tutorial together with a nine-minute video on how one highschool English instructor and her college students use this characteristic.

Questions for Debate and Persuasive Writing

Related Student OpinionCredit score…Erin Schaff/The New York Times

1. Should Athletes Speak Out On Social and Political Issues?
2. Should All Young People Learn How to Invest within the Stock Market?
three. What Are the Greatest Songs of All Time?
four. Should There Be More Gender Options on Identification Documents?
5. Should We End the Practice of Tipping?
6. Should There Be Separate Social Media Apps for Children?
7. Do Marriage Proposals Still Have a Place in Today’s Society?
eight. How Do You Feel About Cancel Culture?
9. Should the United States Decriminalize the Possession of Drugs?
10. Does Reality TV Deserve Its Bad Rap?
11. Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
12. How Should Parents Support a Student Who Has Fallen Behind in School?
13. When Is It OK to Be a Snitch?
14. Should People Be Required to Show Proof of Vaccination?
15. How Much Have You and Your Community Changed Since George Floyd’s Death?
16. Can Empathy Be Taught? Should Schools Try to Help Us Feel One Another’s Pain?
17. Should Schools or Employers Be Allowed to Tell People How They Should Wear Their Hair?
18. Is Your Generation Doing Its Part to Strengthen Our Democracy?
19. Should Corporations Take Political Stands?
20. Should We Rename Schools Named for Historical Figures With Ties to Racism, Sexism or Slavery?
21. How Should Schools Hold Students Accountable for Hurting Others?
22. What Ideas Do You Have to Improve Your Favorite Sport?
23. Are Presidential Debates Helpful to Voters? Or Should They Be Scrapped?
24. Is the Electoral College a Problem? Does It Need to Be Fixed?
25. Do You Care Who Sits on the Supreme Court? Should We Care?
26. Should Museums Return Looted Artifacts to Their Countries of Origin?
27. Should Schools Provide Free Pads and Tampons?
28. Should Teachers Be Allowed to Wear Political Symbols?
29. Do You Think People Have Gotten Too Relaxed About Covid?
30. Who Do You Think Should Be Person of the Year for 2020?
31. How Should Racial Slurs in Literature Be Handled within the Classroom?
32. Should There Still Be Snow Days?
33. What Are Your Reactions to the Storming of the Capitol by a Pro-Trump Mob?
34. What Do You Think of the Decision by Tech Companies to Block President Trump?
35. If You Were a Member of Congress, Would You Vote to Impeach President Trump?
36. What Would You Do First if You Were the New President?
37. Who Do You Hope Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election?
38. Should Media Literacy Be a Required Course in School?
39. What Are Your Reactions to the Results of Election 2020?Where Do We Go From Here?
40. How Should We Remember the Problematic Actions of the Nation’s Founders?
41. As Coronavirus Cases Surge, How Should Leaders Decide What Stays Open and What Closes?
42. What Is Your Reaction to the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?
43. How Worried Should We Be About Screen Time During the Pandemic?
44. Should Schools Be Able to Discipline Students for What They Say on Social Media?
45. What Works of Art, Culture and Technology Flopped in 2020?
46. Should We Rename Schools Named for Historical Figures With Ties to Racism, Sexism or Slavery?
47. Why Do You Think ‘Drivers License’ Became Such a Smash Hit?
48. Justice Ginsburg Fought for Gender Equality. How Close Are We to Achieving That Goal?
49. How Well Do You Think Our Leaders Have Responded to the Coronavirus Crisis?
50. To What Extent Is the Legacy of Slavery and Racism Still Present in America in 2020?
51. How Should We Reimagine Our Schools So That All Students Receive a Quality Education?
52. How Concerned Do You Think We Should Be About the Integrity of the 2020 Election?
53. What Issues in This Election Season Matter Most to You?
54. Is Summer School a Smart Way to Make Up for Learning Lost This School Year?
55. What Is Your Reaction to the Senate’s Acquittal of Former President Trump?
56. What Is the Worst Toy Ever?
57. How Should We Balance Safety and Urgency in Developing a Covid-19 Vaccine?
58. What Are Your Reactions to Oprah’s Interview With Harry and Meghan?
59. Should the Government Provide a Guaranteed Income for Families With Children?
60. Should There Be More Public Restrooms?
61. Should High School-Age Basketball Players Be Able to Get Paid?
62. Should Team Sports Happen This Year?
63. Who Are the Best Musical Artists of the Past Year? What Are the Best Songs?
64. Should We Cancel Student Debt?
65. How Closely Should Actors’ Identities Reflect the Roles They Play?
66. Should White Writers Translate a Black Author’s Work?
67. Would You Buy an NFT?
68. Should Kids Still Learn to Tell Time?
69. Should All Schools Teach Financial Literacy?
70. What Is Your Reaction to the Verdict within the Derek Chauvin Trial?
71. What Is the Best Way to Stop Abusive Language Online?
72. What Are the Underlying Systems That Hold a Society Together?
73. What Grade Would You Give President Biden on His First 100 Days?
74. Should High Schools Post Their Annual College Lists?
75. Are C.E.O.s Paid Too Much?
76. Should We Rethink Thanksgiving?
77. What Is the Best Way to Get Teenagers Vaccinated?
78. Do You Want Your Parents and Grandparents to Get the New Coronavirus Vaccine?
79. What Is Your Reaction to New Guidelines That Loosen Mask Requirements?
80. Who Should We Honor on Our Money?
81. Is Your School’s Dress Code Outdated?
82. Does Everyone Have a Responsibility to Vote?
83. How Is Your Generation Changing Politics?

Questions for Creative and Personal Writing

Related Student OpinionCredit score…Andrea Chronopoulos

84. What Does Your Unique Style Say About You?
85. How Do You Spend Your Downtime?
86. Would You Want to Live to 200?
87. How Do You Connect to Your Heritage?
88. What Do You Think Are the Secrets to Happiness?
89. Are You a Sneakerhead?
90. What Role Have Mentors Played in Your Life?
91. If You Could Make Your Own Podcast, What Would It Be About?
92. Have You Ever Felt Pressure to ‘Sell Your Pain’?
93. Do You Think You Make Good Climate Choices?
94. What Does TikTook Mean to You?
95. Do Your Parents Overpraise You?
96. Do You Want to Travel in Space?
97. How Do You Feel About Censored Music?
98. Would You Eat Food Grown in a Lab?
99. What Makes You Cringe?
100. What Volunteer Work Would You Most Like to Do?
101. How Do You Respond When People Ask, ‘Where Are You From?’
102. Has a School Assignment or Activity Ever Made You Uncomfortable?
103. How Does Your Identity Inform Your Political Beliefs and Values?
104. Are You an Orchid, a Tulip or a Dandelion?
105. Are You Having a Tough Time Maintaining Friendships These Days?
106. How Is Your Mental Health These Days?
107. Do You Love Writing or Receiving Letters?
108. What Has Television Taught You About Social Class?
109. Are You Easily Distracted?
110. What Objects Bring You Comfort?
111. What Is Your Favorite Memory of PBS?
112. Have You Ever Felt Embarrassed by Your Parents?
113. What Are You Doing to Combat Pandemic Fatigue?
114. Have You Ever Worried About Making a Good First Impression?
115. What Do You Want Your Parents to Know About What It’s Like to Be a Teenager During the Pandemic?
116. How Have You Collaborated From a Distance During the Pandemic?
117. How Important Is It to You to Have Similar Political Beliefs to Your Family and Friends?
118. How Are You Feeling About Winter This Year?
119. Which Celebrity Performer Would You Like to Challenge to a Friendly Battle?
120. How Mentally Tough Are You?
121. What Smells Trigger Powerful Memories for You?
122. What Are You Thankful for This Year?
123. Do You Miss Hugs?
124. Are You a Good Conversationalist?
125. What Habits Have You Started or Left Behind in 2020?
126. What Was the Best Art and Culture You Experienced in 2020?
127. What’s Your Relationship With Masks?
128. What Role Does Religion Play in Your Life?
129. How Will You Be Celebrating the Holidays This Year?
130. What Is Something Good That Happened in 2020?
131. What New Flavor Ideas Do You Have for Your Favorite Foods?
132. What Are Your Hopes and Concerns for the New School Year?
133. How Has 2020 Challenged or Changed You?
134. What Do You Hope for Most in 2021?
135. How Do You View Death?
136. What Is Your Favorite Fact You Learned in 2020?
137. What Are the Places within the World That You Love Most?
138. Have You Ever Experienced ‘Impostor Syndrome’?
139. How Well Do You Get Along With Your Siblings?
140. Do You Talk to Your Family About the Cost of College?
141. Do You Have a Healthy Diet?
142. How Do You Feel About Mask-Slipping?
143. Do You Believe in Manifesting?
144. How Do You Express Yourself Creatively?
145. What Are Your Family’s House Rules During the Covid Crisis?
146. What Online Communities Do You Participate In?
147. Have You Experienced Any Embarrassing Zoom Mishaps?
148. What Does Your Country’s National Anthem Mean to You?
149. Are Sports Just Not the Same Without Spectators within the Stands?
150. Would You Volunteer for a Covid-19 Vaccine Trial?
151. What ‘Old’ Technology Do You Think Is Cool?
152. Have You Ever Tried to Grow Something?
153. How Has the Pandemic Changed Your Relationship to Your Body?
154. How Do You Find New Books, Music, Movies or Television Shows?
155. Are You Nervous About Returning to Normal Life?
156. How Do You Celebrate Spring?
157. How Do You Talk With People Who Don’t Share Your Views?
158. Would You Want to Be a Teacher Someday?
159. What Would You Recommend That Is ‘Overlooked and Underappreciated’?
160. What Children’s Books Have Had the Biggest Impact on You?
161. What Is Your Gender Identity?
162. Have You Hit a Wall?
163. What Is the Code You Live By?
164. Do You Think You Have Experienced ‘Learning Loss’ During the Pandemic?
165. What Are the Most Memorable Things You’ve Seen or Experienced in Nature?
166. Do You Want to Have Children Someday?
167. What Have You Learned About Friendship This Year?
168. What Seemingly Mundane Feats Have You Accomplished?
169. Has a Celebrity Ever Convinced You to Do Something?
170. How Have You Commemorated Milestones During the Pandemic?
171. How Often Do You Read, Watch or Listen to Things Outside of Your Comfort Zone?
172. Do You Think You Live in a Political Bubble?
173. What Is Your Relationship With the Weight-Loss Industry?
174. Do You Feel You’re Friends With Celebrities or Influencers You Follow Online?
175. What Have You Made This Year?
176. How Are You Right Now?
177. What Are You Grateful For?

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