‘Awake’ Review: Eyes Wide Open

There isn’t any getting round it: Mark Raso’s “Awake” is dangerous. But at the least it’s so dangerous that it’s usually ludicrously laughable: Netflix could effectively have a cult turkey on its palms.

Sleep deprivation is widespread these days. A catastrophe film by which the situation spreads a lot that it turns into an extinction occasion — as a result of staying awake results in exhaustion, impaired cognitive talents, insanity and, finally, demise — seems like a believable waking nightmare for a lot of viewers. It’s an intriguing premise that “Awake” rapidly and fatally squanders.

It occurs with out warning: all electronics all of a sudden stop to perform and no person can go to sleep anymore. It takes solely a few days for civilization to go to pot, with the compulsory tattooed dirtbags and freed felons roaming by-the-book desolate streets.

Oddly, 10-year-old Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt) appears unaffected and is ready to catch some Z’s, a lot to the shock of her mom, Jill (Gina Rodriguez, who bought significantly better motion in “Miss Bala”). Matilda quickly attracts undesirable consideration, first from a crazed spiritual congregation, then from Dr. Murphy (a slumming Jennifer Jason Leigh), an amoral army psychiatrist — the pastor and the physician are equally reprehensible on this situation.

The lack of rationalization for the occasions (possibly it was some type of “solar flare,” Dr. Murphy ventures) might need helped flip “Awake” into an apocalyptic fable à la “Blindness,” however the movie is relentlessly, clumsily pedestrian.

Jill, who occurs to be a vet, goes full mama bear to show her child the way to survive. A gun can be utilized “not just for people but for animals, too,” she helpfully tells Matilda. As if that line weren’t chuckle-worthy sufficient, Jill conducts her firearm instruction in the midst of an deserted library and nearly hits her teenage son, Noah (Lucius Hoyos), who had been lurking within the racks. The new world is in secure palms.

Not rated. Running time: 1 hour 36 minutes. Watch on Netflix.