5 takeaways from the latest Democratic debate for New York mayor.

At least at first, the third main Democratic debate in the race for mayor of New York City centered on the story that has dominated the race this week: Where does Eric Adams stay?

After the candidates criticized Mr. Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, over the place precisely he sleeps, the debate moved on to different matters like public security and bike lanes.

With fewer candidates onstage, it was a calmer affair than previous debates.

But there have been actual coverage variations, and the candidates continued to attempt to introduce themselves to voters earlier than early voting begins on Saturday.

Thursday’s debate was extra substantive and civil than earlier ones, nevertheless it nonetheless had its fireworks.Credit…WCBS-TV

The candidates tackled a central query: Does Eric Adams even stay in New York City?

Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate, attacked Mr. Adams the hardest for spending time at a residence he co-owns in New Jersey, calling him a hypocrite for having criticized Mr. Yang for visiting his second dwelling in New Paltz, N.Y.

“I want to reflect on the oddness and the bizarreness of where we are in this race right now, where Eric is literally trying to convince New Yorkers where he lives and that he lives in this basement,” Mr. Yang stated. “He spent months attacking me for not being a New Yorker. Meanwhile, he was attacking me from New Jersey.”

Mr. Adams tried to place the matter to relaxation as soon as and for all.

“I live in Brooklyn,” he stated with a broad smile. “I am happy to be there.”

Mr. Yang, requested if he would have his police element drive him to his nation dwelling as mayor, stated he can be a hands-on mayor and wouldn’t depart the metropolis for his complete first time period.

“I’m going to be here grinding it out,” he stated, including: “New Yorkers are going to be sick of me.”

They sharpened their assaults, and tensions flared.

The debate was fast-paced and substance crammed, because of the expert moderation of two CBS journalists, Marcia Kramer and Maurice DuBois.

The candidates, absolutely conscious that this was one among their final probabilities to interrupt out of the pack, spoke forcefully and emotionally — in their very own protection, and of their assaults on rivals they needed to wound in pursuit of the crown.

After Mr. Yang steered he would have the ability to work properly with the famously prickly governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo — partly as a result of Mr. Yang and Mr. Cuomo’s brother have appeared collectively on CNN — Scott M. Stringer, the metropolis comptroller, referred to as Mr. Yang “naive.”

“It is not enough to say, ‘We’re all going to be friends, kumbaya,’” Mr. Stringer stated. “We need a mayor with experience.”

A couple of minutes later, Ms. Kramer requested Mr. Stringer about sexual misconduct allegations from two ladies relationship again a number of a long time. Mr. Stringer’s discomfort was evidenced by a twitch in his eye, however he disputed the allegations, incorrectly attacked reporting by The New York Times about one among the incidents, and stated he was sorry if he made anybody “uncomfortable.”

Maya Wiley, a former counsel to Mayor Bill de Blasio who’s competing with Mr. Stringer for progressive votes, didn’t let that characterization slide.

“It is not just about discomfort,” Ms. Wiley stated. “It takes two to view any sexual conduct as welcome.”

On not less than one factor, they agreed: renaming locations named for slaveholders

In one among the few moments of consensus, the candidates all stated they’d be open to renaming websites named for slaveholders.

“Many people are surprised to learn a number of iconic places in our city are named after individuals who held people as slaves,” Mr. DuBois stated. “Should New Yorkers have to live on streets or go to schools or buildings named for slave holders or should those names be changed?”

Mr. DuBois referred to folks like Peter Stuyvesant, a director-general of New Netherland who owned slaves; a big condo advanced on Manhattan’s East Side is known as for him. Rikers Island, which homes New York City’s predominant jail advanced, is known as for the Riker household, which incorporates Richard Riker, who despatched Black Americans into slavery.

Understand the N.Y.C. Mayoral Race

Who’s Running for Mayor? There are greater than a dozen folks in the race to change into New York City’s subsequent mayor, and the main can be held on June 22. Here’s a rundown of the candidates.Get to Know the Candidates: See how the main candidates responded to a spread of questions. And go deep on every’s background and expertise: Eric Adams, Maya Wiley, Andrew Yang, Kathryn Garcia, Scott M. Stringer, Raymond J. McGuire, Dianne Morales and Shaun Donovan.What is Ranked-Choice Voting? New York City started utilizing ranked-choice voting for main elections this yr, and voters will have the ability to listing as much as 5 candidates so as of choice. Confused? We will help.

“We should not honor people that have had an abusive past,” Mr. Adams stated.

Ms. Wiley, who beforehand labored as a civil rights lawyer, stated that symbols mattered and that these locations ought to be renamed. But she added that it was additionally necessary to make sure that all of communities of colour “finally get the attention, the investments and the change that they deserve.”

Maya Wiley forged herself as the high progressive candidate.

Ms. Wiley was capable of forged herself as the main progressive candidate in the debate, helped partly by Mr. Stringer’s scandals and Dianne Morales’s absence on the debate stage.

Nowhere did she do this extra decisively than on the query of the police and their use of weapons.

“Attorney General Tish James is proposing legislation to limit cops from firing their weapons, use of force as a last resort,” Ms. Kramer stated. “Now, some might ask, why not go all the way and take away the guns all together like they do in 19 other countries where the bulk of the police force is unarmed?”

Ms. Wiley didn’t rule out the concept, as each different candidate did. Instead, she equivocated.

First, she stated that the mayor’s No. 1 job was security.

Ms. Kramer interjected to ask if she would take the officers’ weapons away from them.

Ms. Wiley responded by speaking about the significance of getting unlawful weapons off the avenue. Ms. Kramer tried one final time: “But will you take the guns away from the N.Y.P.D.?”

“I am not prepared to make that decision in a debate,” Ms. Wiley stated.

After the debate, Ms. Wiley’s marketing campaign spokeswoman, Julia Savel, referred to as the query “ridiculous” as a result of “no one is even discussing taking guns away from cops.”

“Clearly Maya wouldn’t,” she added, although it was not so clear throughout the debate.

Andrew Yang stood alone on congestion pricing.

Just a couple of years in the past, New York City was poised to change into the first main American metropolis to implement congestion pricing, a plan to toll automobiles coming into the heart of Manhattan to lift cash for the subway.

Then the pandemic occurred.

Four candidates stated the metropolis ought to transfer ahead now with congestion pricing as a result of the metropolis was grappling with horrible site visitors congestion.

“We are not suffering from a lack of cars in Midtown today, yesterday, the day before,” stated Kathryn Garcia, the metropolis’s former sanitation commissioner who has received assist from high advocates for mass transit. “People are coming in and if they all come in by car, we can’t move. We need people to get back on the subway.”

Mr. Yang stated he was keen to push again the begin date for the tolling plan as a result of he was anxious about the metropolis’s restoration and empty workplaces in Midtown.

“I’d be flexible on the timing of adopting congestion pricing in line with the city’s return of commuters,” Mr. Yang stated.