Judge John Hodgman on the Gendering of Sipping Straws

Johnmark writes: I as soon as sipped my beverage at dinner with a straw, and my mother-in-law commented, “I’ve always thought using a straw was unmanly.” I had by no means heard of this. I get pleasure from a straw. I search the decide’s ruling whether or not there are superior methods to get pleasure from a beverage.

You’re being a bit cagey about this “beverage.” I’ll say should you’re consuming Irish stout on ice by way of a bubble-tea straw, that will be atypical however not “unmanly.” Straw-use gender is a assemble — on this case, I think, particularly constructed by your mother-in-law to needle you and get in your head. More vital: Her implication — that “manly” equals “superior” — is gross. But I maintain you each in contempt, since you appear to have internalized this concept. She obtained in your head! Evict her and this rubbish premise out of your mind, and quaff fortunately as you’ll!