‘When I Got to the Museum, I Was Told I Could Not Check My Luggage’

Luggage Check

Dear Diary:

Several years in the past, I was strolling round Manhattan after visiting my niece in Brooklyn. I deliberate to go to the Metropolitan Museum after which name a taxicab to take me to La Guardia for my return journey residence to South Florida.

When I obtained to the museum, I was informed I couldn’t verify my baggage. I determined to return to a close-by jewellery retailer the place I had stopped earlier and ask whether or not they may maintain it. Happily for me, they agreed.

On my means again to the Met, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk. A bystander referred to as an ambulance.

When it arrived, the EMTs requested if I had something moreover my pocketbook to take to the hospital. I informed them my baggage was at a retailer a number of blocks away.

They drove me there, walked in, requested for my baggage and loaded it in the ambulance. The shopkeeper, amazed, watched as I drove off to the hospital.

— Billie Grover

First Lipstick

Dear Diary:

Its slim gold cartridge would possibly
have been WAC surplus,
(matte) “Medium Red”
chalked up my pout.
Now that my mouth
may take a man out,
I obtained moxie, grew some
cheekbones in a single day,
strolled residence, heels
slung over one shoulder,
in stocking toes — gliding
the sidewalk of Park Avenue
silky underfoot,
well past midnight.

— Rachel Eisler

Touching Base

Dear Diary:

I was panting closely, and sweat was dripping from my naked chest onto my shorts. It was darkish out, but it surely nonetheless felt prefer it was over 100 levels.

Hidden from view, I crouched quietly in the bushes till the jail guards had moved far sufficient from the flagpole for me to make my transfer.

I heard my grandmother calling me for dinner from our fifth-floor window. Now is my probability, I thought.

Feeling the stress to make a transfer, I burst out of the bushes, lunged 20 toes and tagged the base of the flagpole with my foot, releasing my teammates from Joey Pagano’s seemingly impenetrable fortress.

Everybody scrambled, prisoners and guards alike. I had caught all of them abruptly with my brazen sneak assault. As I peered up towards my grandmother, I felt a hand seize my arm. Joey had caught me mid-sprint, making me his captive.

As I sat there, coronary heart pounding, sweat dripping, I was gauging my grandmother’s persistence. And simply at that second, I watched every lamp put up and condo gentle in our advanced exit one after the other.

On that sizzling July night in 1977, all the electrical energy in New York City drained out like sweat into my soiled socks.

It was one among the greatest nights of my younger life.

— Oliver Quillia

Meeting a Friend

Dear Diary:

I was on the F to Manhattan when I seen a girl sitting throughout from me who appeared acquainted. I realized that I knew her from social media. She was a “friend,” however a digital pal, not the in-person sort.

It was her glasses that tipped me off initially. Then, when I was ready to make out the e book she was studying, Balzac’s “Cousin Bette,” my suspicions have been confirmed.

I was tempted to leap out of my seat and introduce myself, however I rapidly thought higher of it. It won’t be her, I thought, and if it was, it could be intrusive for me to do this. After all, we have been really full strangers.

Plus, what if I did introduce myself and the end result was lower than rosy? I had many extra stops left and it may very well be very lengthy and awkward journey. I determined to wait till 34th Street, the cease earlier than mine, to say hiya.

When we obtained there, I obtained up and launched myself. To my nice reduction, the encounter was surprisingly simple, even enjoyable.

Later, I despatched her a quick message saying how great New York may very well be when such probability conferences happen.

I closed with an invite to lunch.

— Cynthia Chaldekas

Make Way

Dear Diary:

I was strolling in Morningside Park when I noticed a mama duck and her ducklings heading out of the park. I tried to get her to return however she wouldn’t.

A lady referred to as out and mentioned the geese have been headed for Central Park.

Really? I requested. How is she going to get there?

We’re going to assist, the lady mentioned.

And we did. Seven of us, all strangers, guided the duck and her ducklings via the avenue, stopping site visitors, choosing infants up onto the curb and following carefully to make certain all of them obtained there safely.

When we obtained to Central Park, all the infants intact, they emerged from the bushes and hopped in the water. We all cheered. It was so energizing. We parted methods, and I walked residence with an enormous smile on my face.

The spotlight was a truck driver who cursed at us once we stopped site visitors, solely to let loose a pant when he noticed the geese.

“Oh my God,” he yelled. “They’re so cute.”

— Linda Herskovic

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Illustrations by Agnes Lee