Opinion | What Would Real Sexual Liberation Look Like?

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“Feminists have long dreamed of sexual freedom,” writes Amia Srinivasan. “What they refuse to accept is its simulacrum: sex that is said to be free not because it is equal but because it is ubiquitous.”

Srinivasan is an Oxford thinker who in 2018 wrote the viral essay “Does Anyone Have the Right to Sex?” Her piece was impressed by Elliot Rodger’s murderous rampage and the misogynist manifesto he revealed to justify it. But her inquiry opened out to bigger questions concerning the relationship between intercourse and standing, what occurs after we’re undesired for unjust causes and whether or not we are able to change our preferences and passions. The process, as she framed it, is “not imagining a desire regulated by the demands of justice but a desire set free from the binds of injustice.” I like that line.

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Srinivasan’s new e book of essays, “The Right to Sex,” consists of that essay alongside different difficult items contemplating consent, pornography, student-professor relationships, intercourse work and the function of regulation in regulating all of these actions. This is a dialog about matters that we don’t at all times cowl on this present however that form the world all of us dwell in — monogamy and polyamory, the character and malleability of need, the interaction between intercourse and standing searching for, what it could imply to be sexually free, the connection between inequality and fashionable relationship, incels, the feminist critique of porn, how the web has reworked the sexual tradition for at present’s younger individuals and rather more.

(One be aware: This dialog was recorded earlier than the Supreme Court permitted a Texas regulation prohibiting abortions after six weeks, arguably ushering within the post-Roe period. We’re engaged on an episode that can talk about that straight.)

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