How to Catch a Bat

“Treat bats the way you would unvaccinated children,” says Winifred Frick, chief scientist at Bat Conservation International. Before Covid, biologists typically blew on bats’ faces to get them to cease biting and on their underbellies to affirm their reproductive standing. Don’t do this; you possibly can inadvertently give a bat coronavirus. New bat-handling protocols recommend utilizing an air-puffing device like a kind of baby-booger nasal aspirators to puff air on a bat as a substitute. Also, put on a masks, get vaccinated and take a look at damaging for coronavirus earlier than going out within the subject.

Bats are typically most lively between sundown and midnight. To catch one, arrange what’s known as a mist web over a stream or alongside a path, which they use as flyways. With a flashlight, test your nets each 10 to 15 minutes. Once you’ve caught one, gently untangle it. Hold it in your nondominant hand carrying a leather-based glove thick sufficient to face up to sharp tooth and one other nitrile or latex glove over it. Lightly press your thumb underneath its chin to forestall biting. “Don’t squeeze the bat,” Frick says. Try not to hold a bat in captivity for longer than an hour. Let pregnant or lactating ones go sooner. “You don’t want to stress them out,” says Frick, who simply completed a stint main a group of researchers catching little brown bats in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Avoid dealing with bats altogether until you might be vaccinated for rabies and have the suitable coaching.

If a bat flies inside a constructing you’re in, open the doorways and home windows and switch off the lights. “It’ll find its way out,” Frick says. If the bat is injured or performing unbatlike, don gloves and gently scoop it up in a towel and place it in a coated field with respiration holes. Then name an animal-rescue group.

Some bats are simpler to catch than others. Grappling with a golden-crowned flying fox, with its almost six-foot wingspan, is markedly completely different from holding a minuscule, two-gram bumblebee bat. Attitudes differ, too. “Some species are really grumpy,” Frick says. Remember, bats will not be liable for this pandemic. “In some places, people went out and killed bats,” Frick says. “There’s no justification for that whatsoever.”