Word of the Day: languid

languid ˈlaŋ-gwəd adjective

1. missing spirit or liveliness

2. with little pace, drive or power

The phrase languid has appeared in 58 articles on NYTimes.com in the previous 12 months, together with on June 14 in “Mushballs and a Great Blue Spot: What Lies Beneath Jupiter’s Pretty Clouds” by Kenneth Chang:

An early drawback with the propulsion system led mission managers to forego an engine firing that might have shortened the orbit to 14 days from 53 days. The mission’s scientists needed to be extra affected person however that has develop into a blessing.

In the unique timeline, Juno would have accomplished its work by early 2018. With the spacecraft’s extra languid trajectories, researchers will get to observe modifications in and round Jupiter that they could have missed had the mission wrapped up sooner.

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