Late Night Remembers Norm Macdonald

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A Late-Night Legend

The comic Norm Macdonald died on Tuesday, and some late-night hosts caught the information in time to honor the frequent visitor and former “Saturday Night Live” solid member.

Seth Meyers known as the lack of Macdonald tragic, saying, “I do not think that Norm would want to hear anything sentimental.” Still, Meyers shared a few of his favourite Macdonald quips and what he had discovered from watching him anchor “Weekend Update.”

“And additionally, he beloved, or I ought to say he simply didn’t care, if he was bombing. If he thought the jokes had been good, he had precisely as a lot enjoyable telling them to a useless viewers than to 1 who appreciated them. And I believe for therefore many people, we got here up watching Norm, and we thought that you just had been on the within with him once you had been watching him inform these jokes that you just thought had been nice, and nobody within the room thought was good and also you simply felt this connection to him — and that capacity to only stare into an viewers, unblinkingly telling the jokes that — that you just believed in.” — SETH MEYERS

Jimmy Fallon known as Macdonald one in all his comedy idols — “a comic’s comic” — reciting a bit from Macdonald’s early stand-up units he’d memorized.

“He’s just one of the greatest comedians ever, and, God, we’re going to miss him. He was a friend of the show — family, really, to us.” — JIMMY FALLON

James Corden hailed Macdonald as “perhaps the single greatest guest in the history of late-night television.”

“Norm Macdonald passed away today, far too soon, after a nine-year battle with cancer; a battle Norm never told anybody about, because all Norm ever wanted to do was to make us laugh, and he was absolutely brilliant at it. There was nobody quite like him.” — JAMES CORDEN

The Punchiest Punchlines (Side Effects Edition)

“After she announced that she has not received the coronavirus vaccine, rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted yesterday that a friend of her cousin received the shot and became impotent after, quote, ‘his testicles became swollen.’ Which is pretty shocking, because when I got the shot, it was in my arm.” — SETH MEYERS

“I can’t believe I have to say this, but doctors agree that Covid vaccines do not cause swollen testicles. But to be fair to Dr. Minaj, everyone knows there’s no source more reliable than your extended family’s acquaintances in another country.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Her report comes straight from ‘The New England Journal of my cousin’s friend in Trinidad.’ Just check out this week’s study, ‘I heard his girlfriend got pregnant from a hot tub.’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Can we talk a moment about this poor guy. Think about it: He’s minding his own business with his swollen testicles in Trinidad and because his best friend happens to be cousins with Nicki Minaj — now the whole world knows that he’s impotent, he got dumped and he’s got giant testicles. He must be so mad at his friend.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I mean that poor guy — single, swollen and everyone is asking them if he can hook them up with Nicki Minaj tickets.” — TREVOR NOAH

“And for this friend, hate to say it, if your testicles swell up, the question isn’t ‘Did you get a vaccine recently?’ it’s ‘What have you been doing to your balls?’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“By the way, if anyone can track down this friend of Nicki’s cousin, I would really like to talk to him — I have questions.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

The Bits Worth Watching

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What We’re Excited About on Wednesday Night

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