Word of the Day: obdurate

obdurate ˈäb-də-rət adjective

1. stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

2. exhibiting unfeeling resistance to tender emotions

The phrase obdurate has appeared in 22 articles on NYTimes.com in the previous 12 months, together with on Dec. 30 in the obituary “Joe Clark, Tough Principal at New Jersey High School, Dies at 82” by Richard Sandomir:

Joe Clark, the imperious disciplinarian principal of a troubled New Jersey highschool in the 1980s who gained fame for restoring order as he roamed its hallways with a bullhorn and generally a baseball bat, died on Tuesday at his dwelling in Gainesville, Fla. He was 82.

… And, in 1986, to maintain thugs from coming into the faculty, he ordered the entrance doorways padlocked throughout faculty hours. Fire officers responded by having the locks eliminated, citing the security of college students and lecturers. A 12 months later, the metropolis cited him for contempt for persevering with to chain the doorways.

“Instead of receiving applause and purple hearts for the resurgence of a school,” Mr. Clark stated after a court docket listening to, “you find yourself maligned by a few feebleminded creeps.”

Though the padlocking episode put him in battle with the Paterson faculty board, his no-nonsense model led to an interview for a White House job in early 1988. Before turning it down, he insisted that if he took the job it will not be as a result of of any strain from the board.

“I refuse to let a bunch of obdurate, rebellious board members run me out of this city that I’ve labored in so assiduously for 27 years,” he informed The Washington Post in 1988. A Post headline known as him “The Wyatt Earp of Eastside High.”

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